Hi, I'm Lacy

Many years of work as a respiratory therapist has taken its toll; I really needed a creative outlet.  Thanks to the gift of a camera from a dear friend, my eager-to-model daughter and some coaching, I embarked upon my journey into photography.  Now, I'd love to take you with me.


After struggling for many years with body dysmorphia and related problems, I am in a place where I feel I can help others with their own struggles, their difficulties, their vulnerabilities.  The beauty of a well-crafted boudoir session is that while it encourages all of the vulnerabilities out, it also gives them a safe place.  A safe place to hide, maybe, but also to revel in their glory and shake out their hair and feel wild and confident and free.  This is my passion and the experience I want to give to each of my clients.  You'll be nurtured, cared for and safe, so that you can fully express yourself.  And I'll capture all of that, for you.